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16 October 2007 @ 05:02 pm


Will, any injuries for you?


WF: A broken heart. [Points to Heder] From this one. [Laughs] No, I didn't have any injuries.

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30 August 2007 @ 01:48 pm
cause, the caps were purtyCollapse )
06 May 2007 @ 07:55 pm
Another drabble. It's addicting keeping these things exactly 100 words...

Title: Sight
Author: Hulga
Rating: G
Disclaimer: Not mine, not true, no profit.
Series: Companion to Touch
Summary: A moment’s slip can give you away

At the yell of “Cut!,” Jon let his hands drop to his sides. Josh called Will over to discuss the scene, and Jon made his way to the edge of the rink with some added flourishes.

Boy, he loved skating.

Jenna was standing with a cup of coffee in her hand, talking to one of the crew. She caught his eye and grinned, then gestured “wait a minute”.

“You guys look good out there,” she said when she reached him.

“Thanks,” he replied.

“Careful with the homoeroticism,” she said blandly. “Remember the PG-13 rating.”

Feeling sucker-punched, Jon watched her leave.
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06 May 2007 @ 12:04 pm
This was inspired in part by ladyjj with this post, because this is where I thought she was heading at first.

Title: Touch
Author: Hulga
Rating: G
Disclaimer: Not true, not implying this is true, all for fun, not profit or to spread rumors.
Summary: Just a moment can give you away

Jenna nearly missed it. She blinked in quick succession and looked around quickly, positive everyone around her was going to be gaping in shock at the two men on skates in front of the camera.

People were oblivious, chatting quietly or going about their jobs, focused on doing the best they could in a town that didn’t tolerate errors.

So she was the only one who had seen. She was the only one who knew. With an uncharacteristically shrewd expression, she looked back at Will and Jon, making a mental note to gently remind them not to let touches linger.
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30 April 2007 @ 10:46 am
Title: Peluca
Author: Hulga
Rating: G. Or PG. Does a kiss make it PG?
Summary: A trip to Idaho.
Disclaimer: They aren’t mine. I’m not making money. I’m just killing time before I go to my soul-sucking job. Please let me have some fun without suing me.
Notes: For the FAB yunafire, whose five words for my challenge were DVD, exercise, cats, carpet and milkshake. Of course that screamed Napoleon Dynamite to me, after watching the DVD featurettes and stuff on the special edition.

PelucaCollapse )
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(Is this all right to post, dear mod?)

I've got this problem, guys, where I want to write some RPS, but I've got NOTHING. So I was hoping we could do a group challenge thingy, where whoever is interested can post five random words to appear in a story, and whoever is interested in taking on the challenge of incorporating those words (or as many as they want/are able) will have something to start crafting a story around.

Here are my five words: restaurant, nightgown, legs, disproportionate, and plastic bag.

If no one else is interested, I might end up taking on my own challenge and THAT WOULD JUST BE SAD.
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27 April 2007 @ 12:08 am

Jon/Will RPS Part Two

 Disclaimer: NOt mine, Not true.

26 April 2007 @ 01:25 am
Inquirer: You worked closely with Jon. What did you discover about him physically?
Will: He has very soft skin (laughter). He smells like honey, believe it or not, and he’s stronger than you think.

READ this. It's hilarious, especially for the Jon/Will quotes.